Home Entertainment Design and Install

A well-designed and installed home theatre system from Audio & Visual Connections will enhance your movie, music, TV, concert and entertainment experience.  With high definition and 3D capable TVs you can truly bring the complete movie theatre experience into your own living room.
We work with our customers to create the best in entertainment and home theatre solutions.



The Big Picture

You want the best TV or projector for your home theatre, but when you get to the store you’re bombarded with hundreds or acronyms, numbers and catch-phrases.  Just because you know you want a big, beautiful display it doesn’t mean that you have to wade through thousands of confusing options all by yourself.  Let us cut through all the industry lingo to help you choose the best screen and mounting option for your home theatre.


Home Theatre Surround Sound

Anybody who has ever been in a movie theatre knows that immersive surround sound is a critical part of the home entertainment experience. There is no reason why you cannot have the same experience in the comfort of your own home. Whether you need an extremely complex system in your home theatre to rival (or surpass) going to the cinema, or just need a simple solution for your bedroom TV, we can make your audio dreams a reality.


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Yamaha 3
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