Yamaha 1

Multi-Room Audio Systems

Listen to your favourite music everywhere in your property through discreet in-ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers or floor-standing speakers.
It doesn’t matter if your music collection is stored on an iPod, a computer or on CD’s, we can help you access everything with simple, intuitive control.  While the kids listen to the latest chart music in their bedrooms, you can relax with your favourite radio station in the lounge.  You can even play the same music throughout the house – perfect for parties!

Theatre Showroom

Multi-Room Video Systems

Now everyone can enjoy their favourite High Definition TV channels around the house.  You can watch sports in the family room, 3D movies in the home cinema room, Shortland Street in the kitchen and cartoons on the kid’s room.  Our TV distribution systems ensure the whole family is happy!

 We can even arrange for your whole DVD and Blu-Ray collection to be stored centrally with easy access from any TV in the house.


Still Need Help?

We have a team of specialists that can help you through the entire process.  We can assess your current Home Entertainment and offer solutions to get you the most out of your environment.

If you have plans please feel free to bring them in so we can discuss ways of helping with your home entertainment system.

Just give us a call on 0800 TV RECEPTION (887 323)