We are Certified Satellite Broadband Installers for

Wireless Nation


Wireless Nation’s Satellite Broadband gets you connected



Surfing, banking, shopping and chatting on the internet just got easier. Wireless Nation’s Satellite Broadband uses the latest technology to give you a smoother browsing experience. 

It’s available anywhere in New Zealand and is extremely reliable

Its coverage comes through the powerful Optus D2 Satellite network which has “hot” strength over New Zealand.  It isn’t prone to rain fade so if customers experience heavy rain they will still have a signal, unlike competing networks that use satellites with a low angle which can block line of sight. 

It’s fast

Wireless Nation’s Satellite Broadband is double the speed of competing networks.  With up to 10 Mbps download, you’ll be able to watch video clips, download music, shop and chat faster than you ever have before. 

No landline necessary 

Wireless Nation’s VoIP phone lines are cheaper, have more features than a standard phone, and you can keep your existing number.  You also get free local and national calls and it’s prioritised, meaning it has priority over any other internet traffic leaving you with clear uninterrupted calls.


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