Watch TV Your Way

With so many different ways of viewing your favourite shows, sports and movies, Satellite & Aerial Connections can help you find the solution that best suits your needs, as well as the best way of distributing it throughout your home.



Satellite & Aerial Connections are SKY TV approved installers.
Ask for us by name on your next SKY job.

We can also add outlets to back-feed SKY to other rooms in your house, allowing you to watch live TV or recorded content when and where you like.


We install a wide range of aerial solutions for receiving terrestrial Freeview, or alternatively we can install satellite Freeview dishes depending on your location and specific requirements.

We can also provide you with Freeview set-top boxes (and train you how to use them) to ensure you can receive your favourite shows on any television.

Internet TV

 Whether you’re viewing on a smart TV, tablet or PC there are many different ways of watching your favourite content.  TV on demand, NetFlix, Lightbox and Neon are all great options, but they are only as good as the internet system in your home.

Let Satellite & Aerial Connetions set your home up to be a smart home.  We offer many solutions such as wired data points, wireless routers, wireless access points and ethernet-over-power to enable you to watch your favourite shows when you want, uninterrupted anywhere in your home.


TV Installation


We can assist you with any kind of TV installations.  If you have purchased a new TV and are wanting to mount it on a wall, connect it to an aerial or just need it connected to your existing system we can help.

Our knowledgeable technicians can give you advice on TV location, height and wall mounting options as well as advice on cabling options and concealment.

Adding Outlets

TV Outlet

We can add TV outlets to any room in your house and connect them into your existing TV system.  Now there will be no fighting over the remote as everyone in the house can watch what they like in their own room!