Our home automation solutions are designed to enhance your lifestyle by making technology work for you. We can help make your home more secure and energy efficient by integrating multiple aspects of home integration into a single system.


Advancements in technology now mean that you can control nearly everything in your home from one universal device, touch screen keypad, tablet or smart phone. With a Home Automation Solution, cluttered coffee tables and scrambling for the correct remote will become a thing of the past.

Home Entertainment System

From a simple home theatre set up to a fully automated theatre room including dimming lights and lowering down your projector screen and turning on the sound and picture at a push of a button on your smart device.

From the same system and smart device you can also choose what music you want to listen to and control how it is being distributed around the house allowing you to stream multiple sources including spotify, tidal or a music server whether you are entertaining guests outside or keeping the children entertained in the kids room with a DVD, Sky TV, Netflix or movie server.

We use a range of products that we endorse and have proven to work with simplicity tailored to your requirements. It is limitless.

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There are many options when it comes to lighting in your home or business. Whether you want your lights to turn on when you disarm your alarm from your car to dimming when you select a room and mood, be relaxed that Audio and Visual Connections will work along your certified electrician to have a solution on hand to integrate your lighting into our automation system.

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Alarm & Security Systems

Can ensure all your devices, lights, heating and air conditioning are turned on or off when you arm or disarm your alarm leaving you rest assured and not wondering if you left something on or not or welcoming you home. With integrating your alarm and security system you also can check the status of your alarm and viewing from your CCTV giving you piece of mind away from home wherever you are in the world.

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Intercom & Electronic Gate Control

Intercom and electronic gate control gives you that added bit of security allowing you to see who at the gate or door from a monitor display anywhere in your house and if you are satisfied with the request then one press of a button from your phone will unlock the gate to allow them to enter as well as ability to drive in and out of the driveway without of having to get out of the car for your convenience. Talk to us today about your options to give you that added security.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

From controlling your heating and air conditioning from one remote to having the luxury of being able to turn your heat pump on before you leave to go home on a cold miserable day, Audio and Visual connections will work with your heating and cooling installer to ensure simplicity and comfort in your place of work or living.

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Window & Shading Control

Whether you have windows out of reach or wanting to watch TV without the sun filling the room with light, Audio and Visual Connections alongside your blinds & curtain installer we can tailor your window and shading control requirements with a press of a button from your phone anywhere you are to automatically close your blinds when it gets dark at night.

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  • Safari Group has engaged in the services of Satellite and Aerial Connections Ltd 7 years ago, to undertake cabling and installation for the TV and data to the Quest Hotel in Hamilton. Since then Satellite and Aerial have carried out work for Safari Group on various sites in Auckland and soon future projects nationwide. Warwick and team have been on sites from start to finish. Satellite and Aerial communicate well and progress on site to constantly meet our deadlines.I would not hesitate to recommend┬áSatellite and Aerial Connections to anyone requiring their services.

    Stephen Taylor

  • We have known Warwick for 25 plus years and have used his professional knowledge all these years to do our work. And as we move properties Warwick and his very capable technicians from Satellite and Aerial do our installation for our TVs, alarm systems and CCTV systems.Warwick has always treated us in a professional manner, showed absolute confidence in all installation and completely trustworthy. He will always consult with us so the work he does is exactly what we want and if we aren't right Warwick will point us in the right direction.We would without doubt totally recommend Satellite and Aerial without hesitation.

    Ces Devereux and Sue Gill-Devereux

  • We have been a repeat customer of Satellite & Aerial for 10 years. Given the challenges of modern technology we have found the level of service to be superb. Their professional but friendly manner always made us feel like we were having friends around rather than service people in our home. Their determination to fulfil customer expectation was so appreciated as was the education on the installed audio visual technology - we needed to know the "how 'tos" and their patience & perseverance in ensuring we fully understood everything was outstanding.

    Karyn & Keith Larkin